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09 February 2007 @ 04:39 pm
All women Rage  
I will rage. I am a rolling ball of rage at this point. I want to rage because this is the perfect word to describe the many small-or so they seem-and large-moments women basically swallow, and vomit out later and then get called a "bitch" for-or worse. I want to rage about having to be good. About being told to be good. To be "seen and not heard." I want to be Thelma and Louise and Bonnie and I want to see Hillary pissed off for her husband not keeping his pants zipped. And I want to know why a woman can be called a "whore" and why their is no male word with the same impact. And I want A WOMAN"S RAGE site to get waterwater to make T-shirts which are lavender and read SODEFIE....and I know there is one woman in American who can get him to do this-and it is not me. I want to be able to understand why a woman has to behave? Behave like what? I want to know what would happen in a world where women didn't have to spend a ton of money to look beautiful and where men had to have French manicures and buy imported face cream. I want to drive a Harley. I want to see five more women with a serious attitude on this site this week-because-PMS-is just another word for Permit Me to Say that Perhaps Men Suck! Or many of them. And why did I forget to list ART and BALLET on my favorites list? Because, I have put these loves aside-never put your passions aside to pacify others. I want to admit that I can be Beautiful, ugly, Sweet, bitchy and when I paint my toenails red-it it for me! I want to thank MaidenForce cuz she is a true Force....thank you at 3 am stuck in North AFrica time! SO DEFIE!!!!
MaidenForcemaidenforce on February 10th, 2007 07:18 am (UTC)
So DEFIE - my husband is snoring.
I danced tonight, and I groped a beautiful blond enibriated woman, I loved it, and I had a blast. I drank shots with my gay brother and his lesbian friend. I danced with my best friend and didn't bat an eye. I spent many minutes in the freezing cold on a baron patio singing and dancing to music I knew. I requested songs at the juke box from a woman that had already paid, and she obliged two fold. I drank more shots than I think I should have, and spent more money than I KNOW I should have but I did it in the name of SO DEFIE!!! I danced and I sang. I sat and watched the lights shine and wondered when we were leaving the asshole of detroit. I watched people walking on the street and wondered if they had a home, and I told my brothers friend plenty of personal stories. I danced with that same blong chic while my brother danced with friends. I met a bartender, no - two bartenders and their names were Nick and Jesse. I ate fresh popcorn and I ran to the car. I spent more money than I should have. I drank. I'm still drunk. I do it in the name of SO DEFIE! I love you.