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29 January 2007 @ 06:02 pm
My thoughts on the Detroit Automotive District  
Tonight WYXZ talked about people who were living it high and nice on their credit funded by wages in the auto industry. I wonder if more and more people, especially stay at home moms who've thought they've been living it pretty for the past 20 years, are now thinking perhaps it would have been better to buy within our means so that our investment doesn't end up owning US.

Who could foresee these results? Who could have known that investing in a mortgage would be detrimental to their financial health? I know I wish I had solid foundation for my home, but in lieu of this I own a - well I'll put it bluntly - a trailer. 1500 square feet of trailer. Modular home? Mobile home? Planned community? What ever name you want to call my trailer you may, fact of the matter is - underneath these floors I do believe there are reminents if not whole tires. HA! What a tell all that is. My friends I'm telling you this for one reason - I own it. I pay for the land that it sits on - but I own my home. If I chose I could move this home to my own piece of land. I could, if I wanted to that is. The beautiful thing about this is I do not have to pay a mortgage. That is music to my ears. Our car is nearly paid off, and personally I'd rather purchase a used car outright, and not have a car payment then to have to finance a car at all.

People are financing their lives away! How that must feel, to owe until you can't ever imagine owing again. I have debts I can count on one hand now and total no more than 10,000 US dollars. Medical bills are horrendous to the under/uninsured. Its not right I tell you, buying on credit that is. It just isn't right. If you don't have the money - you should not buy it. I think people living in shacks in third world countries are actually better off than the majority of western homes who are in debt up to their proverbial ears. Truly drowning in debt. Everyone always wants the next best thing. Everyone always wants to keep up with their peers not for lack of wanting to use the word "Jones'" .

What does this all mean to me? How does this all effect me personally? I live in one of the wealthiest counties in America. Oakland County Michigan. The majority of the wealth in this district was borne from an Automotive Industry that has over fluffed and over stuffed their executive pockets to the point of extinction. My daughter goes to school with children of these afluent families. While I don't want for things, we have what we need, and we have a few of the extras, I won't have my daughter thinking that just because she can ask for something does not mean that she will get it, even if the other children at school have it already.

I'm sure you can see what I mean. I'm tired of people thinking they deserve something because that's the way its always been. There was a report that people were complaining from Ford Automotive that had they known that they were going to erradicate the daycare program from their employee benefits they would have taken the buyout options that were offered over the passed few years. Please don't let me bother your tears, but can I remind you that it is an elite benefit to have a company PAY FOR daycare for their employees. An elite benefit such as a private jet and these daycare expenses that are weighting these ailing companies down. If you go to the store with a certain amount of money - you buy a certain amount of things, the Automotive Industries Pocket Book is thinning and so should their shopping lists.

End of Story.
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cairocandycairocandy on February 10th, 2007 12:58 am (UTC)
Let us teach
Let us teach our daughters well.