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04 May 2006 @ 05:57 pm
Wheres my motivation.  
GOD or is it GODDESS, whoever you are, where ever you are - where is my mother fucking motivation today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wait a minute....

I should ask myself, we have to after all push ourselves, and help these beautiful deities along.

Ah - that pain in my back - its back. What is that from... that is from not moving these beautiful muscles today. I am sure of it. Cause and fucking effect. Right there folks.

Man I'm feeling mad. I have this energy that is building up - and this anger that is resonating from me from this ache that is permeating my lower spine. FUCK I say smiling. It does remind me of the pseudo-reality I'm living in. Is it really pain, or is it my imagination. I bet if I thought about it long enough I could think that pain away. I think I'll go try.

Meditate this . . .
Current Music: Matchbox 20 - When She Smiles